Directors & Senior Management

Board of Directors

Tan Sri Dato’ Kong Hon Kong Executive Chairman/Managing Director/Group Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Dato‘ Sri Kong Yew Foong / 拿督斯里鄺耀豐 Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Soo Wei Chian Executive Director
Mr. Kong Yew Lian Executive Director
Mr. Li Gabriel Non-Executive Director
Mr. Hans Wang Watganai Non-Executive Director
Mr. James Richard Studdart Redmayne Non-Executive Director
Mr Alvin Tsz-Wang Lam Non-Executive Director

Senior Management

Ms. Giam Seu Gek Chief Financial Officer of Our Group
Mr. Hoo Lai Chen Chief Project Officer of Our Group
Dato’ Yu Chia Chang Jerry Chief Executive Officer of NV Alliance Sdn Bhd
Ms. Chan Moey Cheng Chief Operating Officer of Nirvana Care Sdn Bhd (formerly known as NV Care Sdn Bhd)