We offer premium integrated death care services through a network of 13 cemeteries, 15 columbarium facilities and two funeral homes in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Our presence is found across the entire value chain of the death care industry, from the sales of niches and burial plots to offering our expertise in tomb design and construction services, cemetery and columbarium maintenance services, embalming, funeral and cremation services. As at December 31, 2015, the Group had approximately 3.0 million sqm of net saleable burial land for sale in the form of burial plots and future development (excluding cemetery land of 400,000 sqm in Vietnam), and approximately 400,000 units of niches for sale. In addition, we have six on-site crematoria to complement our funeral product and service offerings. We also offer ancestral tablets, caskets, urns and other memorialization products that are ancillary to our portfolio of high quality products and services.

We are one of the few death care service providers in Asia that is capable of offering fully integrated death care solutions, from embalming and funeral services in our funeral homes, to cremation services in our own crematoria and niches, and burial plots, ancestral tablets, tomb designs and construction services, covering both our cemeteries and columbarium facilities. According to the Nielsen Report, among all the death care service providers in Malaysia, Nirvana is recognized as the industry player with the most comprehensive range of products and services as evidenced by its most diversified offerings of burial plots and niches.

Furthermore, we are one of the very few pioneers in the pre-need market for death care services in Asia. Apart from the conventional ‘as-needed’ death care market, we have been offering our primary burial and funeral products and services on a ‘pre-needed’ basis since 1990 and 2000, respectively.

NCKL-4We know what we do best as we operate a business that values personalized care and attention. We believe our reputation and trust are two of the key drivers that propel us into greater heights. Our brand, 富贵Nirvana, is widely recognized by customers as a the most outstanding provider of premium death care services. The Nielsen Report has also confirmed Nirvana as the most recognized brand name in Malaysia and one of the most recognized brand names in the death care industry in Singapore, in terms of professionalism, trustworthiness, quality of products and services, and facility maintenance. In Malaysia, our brand name scored the highest brand awareness level among different death care service providers, with 91.1% of the respondents being aware of our presence and 46.4% of them identifying our brand name as the first death care service provider that comes to their mind. In Singapore, despite the fact that we commenced our operations only in 2009, our brand name has the second highest awareness level among non-governmental columbarium operators, with 66.0% of the respondents being aware of our presence. Such a strong brand recognition will further strengthen our competitive advantage to convince our target customers to go for a premium brand.

Our dedication has won us numerous awards and recognitions over the years, such as “Asia’s Outstanding Brand in Funeral Services Industry” and “Asia’s Outstanding Award in Multi National Expansion” at the 2012 Asian Funeral Exhibition (AFE) Awards. We believe that our brand dynamics will continue to allow us to command a premium pricing strategy for our products and services as opposed to our competitors while attracting talent and business partners.

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