Blissful Nirvana Memorial Park – Sungai Petani

Located in Sungai Petani, Blissful Nirvana Memorial Park (Sungai Petani) marks an inaugural joint effort between Nirvana Asia and Blissful Nirvana Memorial Park where a brand new memorial park is taking shape majestically. Nestled within the undulating hills overlooking a verdant vista, this memorial park commands a tranquil yet elegant environment in a richly endowed land of pure bliss. Many Fengshui grandmasters have affirmed the spiritual splendour of this development, claiming that Blissful Nirvana Memorial Park is possibly the most ideal establishment in the northern region.

Blissful Nirvana Memorial Park is wrapped in natural Fengshui settings and boasts a regal appearance as if it were made in heaven. The development embodies a great deal of thoughtfulness, meticulousness and professionalism to emanate an aura of dignity and nobility.

The neat and tidy memorial park is visually stunning, thanks to the blossoming flowers and the charming emerald lake where fish roam happily in it. With good vibes permeating everywhere, it just warms your heart and delights your eyes. The quaint picnic pavilion embellishes the memorial park with a very picturesque and lively view. Remembering your loved ones in such a pleasant and relaxing environment is so spiritually rewarding.

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