Nirvana Memorial Park – Penang

Penang’s Kek Lok Si earns its noble reputation as a spiritual home that cares for the needy. Following the purchase of the West Lake land, Kek Lok Si takes pride in offering cremation services for the devotees. All proceeds from the memorial services will go towards a charity and welfare trust for the construction of an old folk home and orphanage.

Nirvana salutes Kek Lok Si’s undivided diligence in blessing the needy and has now joined forces with the temple to create an ideal final resting place for the departing souls through the West Lake columbarium. The proceeds from the cremation services will be dedicated to the welfare of the underprivileged senior citizens, orphans and other charitable projects, in the name of benevolence.

Nirvana Memorial Park (Penang)’s West Lake Garden nestles on the foothill of Kek Lok Si Temple, of the Pearl of the Orient. The establishment is embraced by fetching mountains and charming rivers that conjure up a picturesque ambience. It rides on the luxury of nature given its strategic location that bonds with its natural surroundings. The memorial park exudes the vibrancy of lush mountains and eternal water flow, which is the very essence of Chinese landscape design. The columbarium is coated with ivory white to emanate the grandeur and nobility of the architecture, as if a utopia existed with the help of god, where the departed call it home, in the arms of nature.

High up in the mountains, the echoes of Buddhism mantra resonate with pleasant chirps from the woods, where butterflies help spread the good vibes alongside the tolling bells. Feel the warmth and serenity of the environment as you remember your loved one. This is a place filled with such a dignity yet being resplendent.

*All income generated by Kek Lok Si Temple will go towards the development of the shelter homes for the underprivileged senior citizens, orphans and other charitable projects.

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